Dog didn’t despair and stubbornly dragged the heavy package to the very doorstep.

This ginger dog is completely ordinary.There are a lot of similar dogs on the streets of Bangkok.Locals with a smile call these dogs «courtyards» due to the fact that they inhabit all city courtyards in abundance.
However,no one could have imagined that one of these mongrels named Pugh would become the most famous and popular dog in Thailand thanks to his outstanding intelligence!

On the day it happened,Pugh wandered around Bangkok for no particular purpose.His path ran through one of the city dumps.
Like any dog,Pugh loved landfills and did not fail to go there.Then his attention was attracted by strange and unusual sounds from a bearby trash can.

Having become interested,the dog climbed there and quiet squeak came from just there.Grabbing the package with his teeth (and it was heavy!),Pugh dragged it towards the nearest yard.

Stopping in front of the people,he put a mysterious find on the floor and began to bark loudly,attracting the attention of the residents.
Then one of the residents went out into the street.Seeing the package,she came to the dog.

The woman decided that there were small kittens inside,but opening the package,she was shocked,there was a living human baby!
The kid was dying,it became clear immediately.Pugh sat next to him and looked at the woman.She immediatelt called the police and an ambulance.

Now everything is in order with the newborn.They managed to save him.Doctors say that if it were not for the brave Pugh,tha baby would definitely not have survived.
The incident is a great example of how intelligent and loyal dogs are.Pugh became a real city hero.Even the mayor of the city learned about the wonderful history!

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