Dog fed and protected a kitten that was thrown at the bottom of a deep ravine

There is no understanding of other people’s children. And this applies not only to people but also to the animal world.

There are hundreds of examples of an adult of one species feeding the young of another. This story took place in the small town of Anderson, South Carolina.

A dog barking came from the bottom of a steep ravine. People walking in the park near the ravine decided to call an organization that rescues animals. Michelle, an employee of this organization, arrived at the scene.

The girl was not afraid to go downstairs on her own. Making her way through the thickets for a long time, she finally got to the place where she could hear the barking. A touching picture opened before the girl’s eyes.

A small dog of the Shih Tzu breed nursed an even smaller kitten. The mustachioed baby was fed dog milk. Most likely, the Shih Tzu heard the squeak of the unfortunate kitten and came to his aid. Some kind of inhuman threw the baby into a ravine.

The dog fed the kitten for several days. Then, realizing that she needed help, she began to bark. Fortunately, she was heard and both were rescued.

Michelle, taking the kitten in one hand, in the other – the dog was able to go upstairs. She brought the foundlings to her organization.

Here, together with her colleagues, the girl came up with names for her new wards. The Shih Tzu was named Golda, and the kitten was named Katie. Michelle posted advertisements that a dog and a kitty are being offered in good hands.

Soon there were kind people who decided to take the animals to them.

The delighted girl wrote on her Facebook page that it is for such stories that she adores her work.

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