Dog found a baby left there in the mountains and brought a man to him

The situation was fantastic: in the Philippines (Cebu Island) a man named Jenrell was driving home on a mountain road on a bike when suddenly a dog began to chase him.

She barked loudly and kept up with the motorcycle, without showing, however, aggression. It was evident that the dog was simply trying to attract the attention of the person. She succeeded, and Jenrell followed her.

The dog purposefully and confidently led him somewhere in the maze of stones until he led him to a dump, where he began to twirl around a bundle with a bark. The man approached and was stunned with amazement: there was a living baby in the package!

With the help of the police called by Jenrell, the child (it was a boy) was taken to the hospital, where it turned out, however, that he was healthy. And in the confusion of the incident, the dog was temporarily forgotten.

True, then they remembered and found him a week later at her owner. A local religious and charitable organization brought gifts to the dog’s owner’s house.

It turned out that the dog’s name is Blackie, and a dozen more dogs live with her in the house.

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