Dog from a shelter didn’t sleep at night: all the time he looked at his new owners

People could not understand the reason for this behavior. What they found out broke their hearts!

This sad story touched the hearts of many people around the world. One family decided to get a doggy.

For this reason, they went to a shelter and adopted a dog they liked. The animal immediately became a full-fledged member of the family and, at the same time, very much loved to frolic with the kids.

But over time the owners began to notice something strange behind the attitude of their pet: at night he walked up to the door of their bedroom and stared at them intently.

Such behavior of the dog worried the family and they went with her to the veterinarian.

The doctor did not find any health problems in the dog: he was completely healthy.

Then it was decided to go to the shelter from which the dog was taken and talk with its staff in order to find out at least something about the animal’s night wakefulness.

What the family found out about their four-legged friend moved them to tears.

It turns out that the former owner of the dog gave him a sleeping pill and took the pup to the shelter. The poor dog wasn’t able to say goodbye to his owner.

This is why the dog now wouldn’t want to get separated from his owners even at night. He was afraid that they will take him to the shelter.

The new family wanted their dog to fil himself confident and safe beside them. So they let the pup sleep in the same bedroom as they sleep.

They showed how they love the pup and how important he is to them.

Gradually, the dog accepted their love and care. Now he is the happiest boy ever!

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