Dog howled in a parking lot waiting for her owners more than a week

An abandoned dog howled in great anguish, wandering in the middle of the cars. For nine days she was waiting for the owner. However, ten days later she was still lucky!

The sad dog was seen by an employee of a local shelter. But it was difficult to establish a connection with the animal. The frightened dog jumped away only the girl approached her.

The dog wanted to be taken by the owners, and not by some strange girl. This made him worry.

Realizing the sensual state of the dog, the employee of the shelter began to wait for a special occasion in order to get along with the unfortunate animal. Several days passed before the dog felt more comfortable when Mary was around.

Mary took the dog to the shelter. When the employees saw Samantha, they posted her situation on the Internet. Kind people who found out about the abandoned dog offered custody and a home, and soon her owners appeared.

True, at first it was quite difficult with the animal. The dog did not have time to move away from everything he had experienced, which is why he was worried about the new environment.

The dog was in no hurry to believe people, despite their very good attitude, but people steadfastly waited for the dog to feel comfortable in their house.

Little by little it happened, and the fear of the dog became a thing of the past. Today she completely relies on her new owners and adores them!

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