Dog misses human mom and calls her, she can’t stop laughing when he ‘sings’ her

The dream of the dog owners can be if their animal friends could use cell phones so that they would know how they feel when the owners aren’t at home.

However, dogs can’t call their owners, at least for now! But one thing can’t change at all: dogs can’t ever speak.

It may seem strange, but one dog likes communicating with her owner with a phone call. While Stanley’s dad is home, he dials the number of her wife and lets Stanley spend time with her.

Wonderfully, every time the pup listens to his mom’s voice, he gets excited. He recognizes her and even gives dog replies. He sings and barks for his human friend, letting her know he is the cutest pup ever!

Below in the video footage, you can witness the friendly chat of the two soulmates! “Were you a good boy today Stanley?” the woman says. “Tell me you love me,” she adds. The dog immediately gives her answers, making different sounds.

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