Dog runs off from home to see her beloved human then shows up at her owner’s workplace

Dogs love us so much that they are capable to do unbelievable things only to see us.

Like a very faithful dog that decided to run off from the house to meet her owner.

Liza Thayer works in a facility for elder people. She has a lovely dog Indy. The dog remains at home with Liza’s father until the woman comes home after work.

Sometimes Liza takes her dog to the workplace where Indy is accepted and loved by all the working staff and elder people.

But once a very incredible thing happened to this family. While the man was getting ready to take the doggie for a walk, she ran off the house. 15 minutes later it turned out that Indy reached the workplace of Liza.

Of course, everybody was happy to see the adorable dog. Indy didn’t see her owner that day because Liza had gone for a wedding out of the town. So at the facility Indy’s friends took care of her until she was taken back home.

When the woman knew about the incident, she was shocked. She suspected that the dog might be very attentive during the times she drove to the workplace with her.

She is happy that nothing bad happened to her beloved dog.

Liza is absolutely a very lucky woman to have this dog!

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