Dog started running into the forest every day, the owner decided to find out what was the matter and encountered a wild animal

One fine day, the owner of this dog noticed that his pet constantly runs away for several hours into the forest, and then returns as if nothing had happened.

At first, he did not attach any importance to this but then he realized that this was a real tradition, so he decided to follow him and find out what he was doing there.

As you can imagine, the man saw that his dog was walking into the forest in order to play with his new friend.

On the first day, the man got scared and returned home with nothing, but the next morning he took his camera with him.

He took some pictures of these amazing animals.

They play so enthusiastically that they don’t even notice the man.

He decided not to interfere with this relationship, but he did not want to get into the wild, so he decided to leave everything as it is.

The mix of German Shepherd is loyal and despite having a new friend, he returns back home every day.

It’s still unbelievable for the owner how his pet made a friend with the wild fox. What can they share together? As it is said, love is the biggest weapon. In this case, the weapon destroyed the hostility between these two species.

Let the same love destroy hostility and hatred in humankind too.

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