Dog was adopted from a shelter, and she began to get weaker. Then the owners found out the reason of her sadness

This story is about a dog named Angel. She spent a lot of time roaming the streets before she ended up at an animal shelter. No one knows why she ended up on the street.

Shelter staff provided Angel with medical care and fed the malnourished dog. When the dog was already in perfect order, owners were found for her and she went to a new family.

Once in the new house, Angel became sad and began to fade before the eyes of the owners. To figure out what is happening with Angel, the owners turned to the shelter from which they took her for help.

At the shelter, they found out that her best friend had stayed there. They played together, slept together and supported each other in every possible way. But after separation, they were very bored and sad without company.

Having learned this information, the owners of Angel decided to return to the shelter to help their pet and take another dog into the house.

They arrived home already with the same dog that Angel missed. The dogs were incredibly happy to meet! After that, they were no longer sad and now there is constant fun in the house.

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