Dog with an incredibly high IQ helps his owner with a disability with the housework and not only

Dogs are very smart animals. They are well trained in teams and communicate well with adults and children. These animals are trained to work with special children, and they are also great help to cope with stress.

They have a lot of abilities that allow them to help people. Of course, for this, dogs undergo special long-term training, but after it a person finds a faithful, incredibly smart and caring friend.

This story is about a dog with an incredibly high IQ. He is trained to help his owner with a disability.

The girl cannot do many things around the house, and her pet helps her cope with this. He brings her medicines, calls the elevator, opens the doors, and even goes to the store.

Also, this incredible dog can clean the house. At a minimum, of course, but still, it’s incredible!

He was taught for a long time to be always on the alert next to his owner. Now he knows exactly when to wake her up. He listens to her heart while she sleeps. This hero is always on guard for the life and health of his human!

Isn’t it a miracle? Dogs are irreplaceable companions who are worthy of our attention and love!

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