Dogs are intellectual creatures that not only feel us but also can predict our actions

Almost all owners know that their dog feels in advance about their coming home.

Most pets begin to feel anxious before the arrival of the owner and begin to wait for their owners at the door or at the window. In general, at least 60-70% of pets have this ability. How does it happen?

Scientists have conducted many studies, which for the most part agree that the pet is simply carefully studying the daily routine of its owner.

Since dogs have fairly developed intellect, they are quite capable of remembering the daily routine of their owner, and thus approximately understand when a person will be at home.

Also, the animals are well versed in stopping around, and therefore they are well aware that if the owner has started preparing dinner, it means that the owner will be there soon.

At the same time, situations are not at all rare when the owner arrives at a non-standard time, while the animal is still waiting for him.

According to numerous studies, it became clear that a very strong connection can be established between a dog and an owner, which is literally expressed in the fact that intuition develops in dogs. This phenomenon is surprising.

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