Dramatic mother doggy rejoined with her nine hijacked babies, after they were taken to the shelter

This is a touching story about a mother dog, who lost her nine puppies.

Human cruelty has no limits. Some people are able to do anything, which will be an obstacle on their way.

So this is one of the examples.

Once, nine helpless puppies were found from the roadside.

Luckily, the volunteers saw them near the road and rushed for help.

As the local shelter was full of homeless pets, they had to make a temporary shelter for them, until they would find another solution.

They posted photos of them to find loving owners for them. And, there was a family, who identified the puppies.

It turned out, that about a month ago, a street doggy gave birth in their backyard. They fed the dog family for some time, until one day their cruel neighbors hijacked the poor creatures and dumped them.

The hopeless mother was seeking her lost pups, but perhaps, she lost her hope to find them ever.

Luckily, due to the attentive workers, the impatient mother soon reunited with her all babies. The touching moment, when they met each other was so sweet and lovely. The mother cuddled them, one by one, as if they were reborn.

The loving mother could not help herself express her emotions all the way home, where they would be loved and cherished forever.

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