During a walk a man and his dog met a stray kitten and took him home

John Nienaber was walking his dog and drew attention to the kitten, which, stumbling and falling, tried to keep up with them during the walk.

The baby, apparently, was barely three weeks old – he fit in a man’s palm.

Last summer, a man named John Nienaber was walking with his dog and accidentally saw that there was a kitten with them on the road, which did not leave them a step.

He was so small that he could easily fit in the palm of your hand.

John called his wife with a request to bring some food for the lost baby, hurrying with all his might for the man and the dog.

The woman fed the kitten, and then took it to her sister since the spouses themselves already had three cats and a dog at home.

One of the cats didn’t refuse, she was glad of the new pet and gladly took in the kitten.

As a result, the cat, which was named Pino, grew up to be a big, cheerful and perky cat that likes to play with boxes of different sizes.

Each animal deserves the love and attention of humans. Yes, it’s impossible to adopt all the animals but at least it would be great if we let them live their lives in peace.

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