Dying snow-loving dog gets her last wish fulfilled after owner made a heartfelt plea

When Elijah Lee Saltzgaber from Sugar House, Utah, made a unique request to people asking them for some snow on Sept. 24, he didn’t have the slightest idea of how they would respond.

He shared the request in a post on Facebook, with a caption saying, “Does anyone have a shaved ice machine they have put away for the season?”

Hundreds of people were moved by his request, many of them saying they were in floods of tears after knowing the reason behind the request.

Saltzgaber’s dog, Maggie was dying of cancer and they had to make the heartbreaking decision of putting her down on Sept. 27, and so they wanted her to enjoy “one last snowbank to roll in.”

He hoped that they would get 10-20 gallons of ice but was overwhelmed by the amount people ended up donating to him for Maggie.

He wrote a touching post where he mentioned saying his last goodbyes to Maggie on Monday around noon and that he was ready to pay and pick the snow up Monday morning. He ended by thanking everyone who was reading his post from Maggie and him.

Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation responded to his request and the staff at its ice arena, which serves as a venue for ice hockey leagues and figure skating, went above and beyond to help out.

They took to social media to share about it writing on Sept. 27, “WARNING: Tearjerker,” “This weekend, a resident contacted our Salt Lake County Ice Center seeking a little snow for their dying dog, Maggie, to play in one last time.

“Today, our staff shaved some extra ice, loaded it into bins and buckets, and the owner took the snow home, to Maggie’s backyard, where she enjoyed it with her family.

“Sending our love and condolences to Maggie’s family. We appreciate the unique privilege of providing her a little heaven on earth.”

Salt Lake County Parks And Recreation created nothing less than a magical experience for Maggie and Saltzgaber as they got to enjoy an amazing snow day in September.

Photos shared of Maggie enjoying herself in her own snowbank are warming many hearts around the country and show how much she was loved and appreciated by everyone.

The post has been shared more than 15,000 times and hundreds took to congratulate everyone who helped make Maggie’s owner’s last wish for her come true and reassured people that she is now enjoying the best snowbank ever imagined.

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