Employees of the shelter organized a wedding of elderly dogs.

They say love is all ages of submissiveness.These elderly bride and groom proved it too!Not so long ago,the owner gave Earl and Fran to a shelter because he could no longer take care of them.The staff of the shelter saw how much these two are attached to each other.And employees decided to make a special day for them.

Elderly pit bull Earl and Fran recently got to the Homeward Animal Shelter n North Dakota,USA.The owner could no longer take care of them,so he gave the pets to the shelter.Dogs were very attached to each other from the very beginning — they did everything together and followed each other everywhere.
Then the couple were sent for overexposure,and began to look for a new permanent home for them.However,finding a home for two elderly dogs was not so easy.Then the employees decided to arrange something special for the wards — and organized a wedding for them to officially «register» their union.

The wedding was organized in the best traditions:dog guests from the shelter,a delicious cake,beautiful outfits for the bride and groom,registrar.At the end of the ceremony,the newlyweds were even given a wedding certificate,where they put prints of their paws.The holiday turned out to be very touching.

The employees decided that in addition to the celebration,the wedding would be a great way to attract the attention of potential owners to dogs.»We really want a many people as possible to see how amazing Fran and Earl are.They are cute,loving dogs,and deserve a better home and unconditional love,»say the shelter staff.
We wish this wonderful couple happiness!And of course,we wish to find a new home and the most loving owners!

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