Every child should grow up with a dog.

In order for a child to grow up as a full-fledged personality,be healthy and perfectly able to communicate with other people,it is enough to have a dog.
The presence of a dog helps to cope even with such childhood troubles as allergies and asthma.This is due to the miraculous enhancement of immunity mentioned above.

A child who is insecure will be cured of this trait thanks to the dog.Responsibility to care for a living creature makes children confident in their own abilities-the child will become stronger,because the life of the pet depends on him.

This animal miraculously calms down,relieves anxiety.Caressing the dog,the owner auromatically stregthens his cardiovascular system,because blood pressure decreases during communication with the pet.
Also walking and jogging with a dog is priceless for the physical health of the child!

The dog teaches children to love-it gives its love in its purest form.
Playing with a dog,the child lears real happiness!This reason alone is enough to settle a pet at home.

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