Every day there was a sad dog sitting at the same entrance.The owners abandoned her,and she was still waiting…

In autumn,a dog appeared in the courtyard of an apartment building.Soon she began to recognized by local residents,including Svetlana Dymshakova.When the girl was going to work,she met a sad but very cute animal…

Sveta got acquainted with a playful pet,and sometimes began to bring her food.Soon it turned out that until recently the baby was domestic.When the owners moved,the dog and the kitten were abandoned.

Svetlana Dymshakova started looking for a house for the dog.Fortunately,she was allowed to be settled in a pet store,the owners of which turned out to be kind people.
Now the dog’s name is Eva.The girl fell in love with the animal and decided to keep it forever,although initially she was not going to have a pet.

Thanks to the girl for helping the dog,as well as for the fact that now the baby has the opportunity to live a long and happy life!

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