Everyone fell in love with a raccoon dog named Tanu.

In the west,the beast is mistaken for a raccoon or badger,but this is not the case at all.In fact,it’s a tanuki or a raccoon dog — a Japanese animal that is very much loved in its homeland.Specifically,this baby was recently discovered on Twitter and since then the whole world has literally fallen in love with him.

Photos of tanuki warming up at a small love were retweeted more than 10,000 times.The owner of the animal,user chibi_tori,told what calls this fluffy lump just Tanuki and Tanu abbreviated.

Chibi_tori found abandoned Tanu last June and has been raising him since then.
Since it’s winter outside,he spends most of his time hibernation.

Although Tanuki is called raccoon dogs,they don’t bark.They make sounds like the cries of foxes — a long howl with growl.

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