Everyone passed by a dirty and wet kitten,but this woman couldn’t leave it in trouble.

Carmen Weinberg works for the West Palm Beach animal protection organization specializing in helping homeless cats.Recently,she went to the trailer parking lot,because animal rights activists received information that there were wandering several stray cats.

Between the trailers,Carmen saw this baby,whose condition plunged her into a couple of weeks,it got wet,was completely covered with dirt.Taking him in her arms,the woman realized that all his hair was teeming with fleas.
The kitty could hardly walk,he was lying on dirty ground,and people who didn’t care about him passed by.Carmen didn’t plan to take cats with her,she just wanted to check if they were really in the trailer park,but she couldn’t ;eave the baby on the street either.

The baby was already very cold,so the animal defender quickly took him to her care and took him home.First of all,Carmen washed the baby.
The woman named her ward Liam.Thanks to Carmen’s worries,the kitty on his first night in the house was clean,without parasites,and also full.
The well-fed and warmed kitten really likes when he is stroked,he even begins to purr quietly,expressing his approval.

Carmen hopes tat the baby will be lucky again and there will e a good family for him that will surround him with care and love.The woman continues her job trying yo find all the stray cats living in the trailer parking lot.

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