Family found a homeless puppy in the country.

«Where did you come from,baby?!» the whole family of Valentine Utsekhovskaya thought bewilderment.And it all started when they arrived at the dacha,planning to rest and redo all the accumulated things.

As soon as people entered the yard,they immediately realized that something was wrong.The fact is that they didn’t have pets in their house,and it the yard they heard a dog whispering…They went in search of a source of crying and soon there was a baby puppy under the porch of the dacha.Where did he come from remains a mystery!

When Valentine looked at the baby closer,it turned out that it was a girl.The hungry baby was fed first and then washed from dirt.
The baby was given the nickname Dinka,so the puppy stayed at the dacha in the summer.And in the fall,Valentine’s family did not want to part with the grown-up dog,and she went with the people to the city.The animal was taken to the vet,where Dinka was vaccinated and given a dog passport.

Since then,Dinka has become the happiest dog in the world.A smart and incredibly playful pet is also very affectionate,so she quickly found the keys to the hearts of all family members.
Thanks to Valentine’s family for saving a lonely puppy and also for the fact that they didn’t leave the baby and took her to the city.May fate generously reward them for their good deed!

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