Family met their missing dog in another city: they found him when less expecting it to happen

A pet is just as much a member of the family as any other. You love him as much as your close relatives. Therefore, his loss is heavy mourning.

The dog named Leo lived in the Turkish family Arach for several years. But one day the dog disappeared. The owners have been looking for the pet for weeks. But he was nowhere to be found. Several months passed.

People resigned themselves to never seeing Leo again.

Once Setach Arach, the son of the owner, went to another city, where a new job was waiting for him. The young man was walking around the city and noticed a familiar dog near one of the coffee shops.

He couldn’t believe it was his parents’ pet. After all, he was hundreds of kilometers from his father’s house.

Then the young man took a picture of the stray animal and sent the picture to his father. He recognized his dog and quickly arrived at the place where the alleged Leo was.

It is not known how the animal ended up so far from home. Fortunately, the dog was alive and well. Within a few hours, Leo was at home surrounded by a loving family.

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