Family reunites with their stolen puppy after police found out about the dognappers

Home pets are a part of our families. It’s always hard to realize that they can die. But something really devastating is when they go missing.

A family from Wellesley, Massachusetts, lately lost their beloved dog Ember. She was so cute that all the neighborhood loved the pup!

But the owners got worried realizing their dog was missing for a long time. She suddenly disappeared in time of being outside to dry off after a bath.

The heartbroken family finally told the police about the incident. After the investigation, the police came to the conclusion that the animal was dognapped.

Her leash was gone and the clasp for the dog was still tied up to the front door of the house.

In this sorrowful time, these people were not alone. Everybody was concerned. The mailman even joined the police in the whole process.

Illana and Neil Nissenbaums told how serious the police were. They appreciate that the case of their dog was in safe hands. They gave Nissenbaums hope to find the pup.

Finally, after 3 days of research, the dog was found. From the security footage of neighbors, it was clear who had taken the dog.

Later the dognapper man and woman told that they were coming back from a hospital and suddenly saw Ember. They thought that the dog could help them feel better. Of course, the police doubted them and charged $12.000.

Ember reunited with her lovely family. Illana tells that everyone was screaming, everybody in the neighborhood was happy to see Ember again!

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