Fearless Golden Retriever filmed on a camera fending off an Alaskan bear from his property

A security video filmed a very exceptional scene of a brave dog scaring off a giant grizzly bear. The footage instantly was spread all over Facebook.

The case happened in a small town in Alaska named Sitka. This territory is known for its big population of grizzly bears. Actually, this species is much bigger than grizzly bears and they weigh up to 1,500 pounds.

Pretty is an 11-year-old Golden Retriever. He is the hero of the story. His name was changed after the heroic act of braveness. Now his name is Legend. It suits him because he has the legendary courage to fight against a huge bear.

At first, the massive bear doesn’t fear the dog and approaches him. To our surprise, the dog doesn’t let the wild creature reach the property. He acts so spiritly that the bear vanishes in the darkness.

It’s so dramatic when the two animals are getting closer and struggle nose to nose. The dog was determined to defend his ground, his place.

Though there are many bears in the town, it’s not a common thing to see them in the house yards.

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