Fence is not a hindrance to friendship: dogs reach to each other with their paws through a fence

Do not believe people who say that animals are not able to make friends or have feelings.

Dogs, no worse than humans, can be incredibly happy as well as experience negative emotions: sadness, loneliness.

First of all, they do not like to part with the owners, with whom it is so great to spend time together. But interestingly, dogs also yearn for their dog friends. You can bark or whine with them, dig a hole in your backyard, or bury a bone.

The neighboring Labrador is one of those animals. He is crazy about his owner, but at the same time he gets along well with the dogs that live in the area.

He has a best friend – neighbor Audi.

Recently, the Labrador retriever has been helping a comrade not to be bored while his owner was at work.

Today, the friend from the very morning was not at ease, as if he felt that Audi was very sad. Therefore, the dog hurried to his friend with all his might to brighten up his loneliness.

It’s so cute to watch how animals support each other and stretch their paws over the fence. Nothing and no one can separate real friends.

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