Feral senior cat becomes a house pet after living on the streets for ten long years

It’s easy to take stray dogs and cats to shelters but the process of adapting is not that simple. Pups and kittens usually involve in the new environment of love and care.

Unlike them, elder animals need time to get adapted to people. They are used to free life on the streets. Sometimes they are scared of people, not sociable, traumatized, etc.

Mr. Belvedere is was a stray tomcat living on the streets for long years. No one would expect that the feral cat would ever want to have a family.

When Lindsay Raturi noticed the cat, she wanted to help him and give him forever family. She watched him with traps together with rescuers.

Once the woman checked for the cat. She was surprised to see that Mr. B. didn’t run away from the trap. It gave her hope that the cat would become a house pet.

Later, Raturi found him a forever home. She found a person that is a big cat lover. When the adopter met Mr. B., she immediately fell in love with him.

She wanted to afford the cat with everything he hadn’t had before. Thankfully, the cat didn’t leave her. Mr. B. enjoys all the love he didn’t receive for ten years.

Thanks to these kind people, the former feral cat became a house pet surrounded with love and cuddles.

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