Firefighters carry husky dog from 15th floor of the building to rescue him from fire

The job of a firefighter is not the easiest. We appreciate them for all the risks they take to save human lives. In fact, they have the same responsibility when an animal is in danger.

Recently, a husky got trapped on the 15th floor of a high-rise.

The Fire Department of Virginia received a call about a burning apartment. The firefighters saved the lives of those in danger including one husky dog.

Later the firefighters explain that when they struggle with a house fire, it’s easier, in this case, it was an apartment of a high-rise.

It’s not an easy task for them to carry people 15 floors down the building.

When they received a call about a dog trapped on the 15th floor, they thought it’s going to be a chihuahua. When they entered the apartment, they saw a 100-pound Siberian husky.

It was hard to carry him down because Igor was without consciousness. Luckily, he was alive.

The firefighters put an oxygen mask on his nose waiting for the husky to come to life. Soon the dog opened his eyes and gradually showed activeness.

Fortunately, he had no burns and injuries so do the people rescued.

Later, Igor was transferred to an animal center for a full recovery.

His owners were informed about the horrific incident. They consider themselves lucky to have the husky alive!

Thanks to these dedicated emergency workers thousands of lives are rescued annually!

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