Firefighters scramble for several hours to rescue a dog, which has fallen into a rabbit hole

Poor Cheddar unfortunately found himself trapped underground, but he could count on the hard work of the fire soldiers. The efforts undertaken during the night paid off at sunrise, when the little dog was finally able to join his family.

Members of the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue were recently deployed to the English city of Wolverhampton to fly to the rescue of a doggie named Cheddar. An account reported by the BBC at the beginning of November.

The quadruped had fallen into a rabbit hole during a late afternoon, and it was impossible for the firefighters to reach the dog without digging a few more holes around it.

So that’s what they did, relentlessly, for almost 6 hours. Unfortunately, Cheddar will not be able to reach them after dark…

But the story will end well
It was actually necessary to wait until the next morning to see the little dog’s face again. His owners found him near one of the holes that had been dug by the fire soldiers, as this Facebook post relates.

Sarah Coulson, his mistress, thanked the firefighters at length for their prowess. «The teams have shown incredible commitment, and I can’t thank them enough».

The manager of the barracks, Leigh Richards, said: «Our teams have worked extremely hard, and it is a real relief to have such a positive outcome as this, especially when the animal is unharmed».

Cheddar has since returned to his owners’ home, and we are convinced that he will pay more attention to the places where he will set foot from now on!

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