Fisherman from Alaska feeds a huge flock of bald eagles gathered on the boat deck

Eagles are one of the greatest and famous American symbols. However, in the US it’s a rare sight to see eagles. But there is one place where the largest bald eagle’s population is found, and it’s Alaska. It’s a home for over 600 eagles.

As Dutch Harbor is the largest fishing spot in Alaska and maybe also in the world, eagles come here in search of food.

The waters here are rich in seafood, so the fishermen always leave something for the eagles. This time a man decided to take footage of the wonderful scene.

This man took a bowl filled with shrimps and started to throw them in front of the eagles. The birds started to gather on the deck and grab the food. Soon, the ship was filled with dozens of majestic eagles.

After feeding these incredible birds, the fisherman kept on filming them. It’s so thrilling and beautiful to see so many bald eagles gathered in one place!

Any bird lover would enjoy the moment as the fisherman did! The footage went viral and received millions of views.
“Just another day in Alaska,” is how the fisherman captioned the video!

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