Fisherman rescues a fawn after finding it struggling in the water half a mile off the coast

Many animals are fond of swimming. Yet, sometimes their loved activity can turn into a tragedy as no one knows when the streams will get stronger.

This time the victim of drowning was a little fawn that was all helpless. The incident happened in Dorset, England where Mark Bowditch, a fisherman noticed something unusual in the sea.

At first, he thought that the mammal was a shark swimming on the coast. But when he got closer, he saw that the animals had two ears. The strange thing was a deer, struggling to reach the coast.

Soon Mark planned how to rescue the exhausted baby deer with the help of the people on board. When they finally caught the deer, Mark realized that he couldn’t ever leave the fawn drowning in the sea.

Children on the shipboard called the rescued fawn Bambi.

The animal had no injuries but his body was too exhausted. After appearing on the land, the deer got energized and kind of thanked the people who saved him.

The little baby put his head on Mark. The man hugged the baby deer and let him enjoy his safety in the land.

What luck that Mark and his friends saw the little baby and came for help in time!

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