Fluffy mother panda Huan Huan gives birth to bright pink and plump, healthy twin cubs

In zoos, the most exciting thing can be the news of the population increase of animals. But if the newborn is a panda and in this case two, the cheer gets doubled.

A zoo in Paris reported that panda Huan Huan gave birth to two pink and plump adorable cubs. The zoo informs that the babies are of a very bright pink color. This is quite an unusual case!

This is the animal’s first birth in the last 4 years. Giant pandas have babies rarely. The season of breeding each year is a 24-72 hours period. This is the only time when they can get pregnant.

However, these species are no longer endangered though there are only about 1,864 giant pandas.

Cotton Flower and Little Snow are very adorable sisters. The employees help Huan Huan in the process of nursing because giant pandas usually nurse one of the babies.

Each time the zoo workers bottle feed one of them while the mama bear nurses the other one. It’s hard for this species to give attention to two babies at once.

This cutest case got famous because of the seldom twin pregnancy and the unique color of the pandas! We hope that the cubs will enjoy a healthy life next to their mom!

The miraculous siblings inspire us to believe that pandas will stay our friends for a very long time!

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