For a month,the dog guarded the burned house in the hope that its owners would return.

Everybody knows that dogs are the most loyal and devoted animals in the world.The fires made many people homeless.In addition,relatives and friends are lost.This disaster has become a spread of grief.The owners of the dog,nicknamed Rix,to evacuate on foot,to save their lives.They went to the city of Paradise.

People from among the believers became great fears and panic attacks,so they didn’t have time to pick up their animals.They left to save the lives of their children.Rix and another dog named Axel,who lived in this family in the midst of a terrible disaster — a fire.
However,the animals,fortunately,did not die.The fact that they survived is a real miracle.They were rescued by a woman named Michelle.She took Axel,and Rix was regularly fed,preventing him from starving.

Michelle would be happy to take both animals,but Rix refused to leave the place he considered his home.
The dog guarded what was left of the burned house.Michelle brought food to Rix,so he was always fed.
The owner of the animal was very worried about the fate of her pets,The woman missed the animals madly.A month after the disaster,she decided to go to the place where her house burned down.

There was no limit to joy when the woman saw Rix.She was even more happy when she found out that Axel was also alive.
We’re very happy that the animals were able to survive.Thanks to people like Michelle,she is an incredible soul man with a huge heart!

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