For more than 3 days,the dog sat on a short chain tied to a tank…

We were told about a dog that sits on a leash in the industrial zone by phone.It turned out that for three days the animal has been tied near the tank,no one feeds it,an a short leash does not allow you to move normally.The dog froze and wanted to eat,but did not let people in.

The dog was not just thin,it looked exhausted.It was clear that the animal hadn’t eaten for a long time.Two volunteer girls went to the rescue.First of all,they decided to give the dog food.The dog attacked the food as soon as the toe was in front of her,it seemed that she had not been fed for months.

The dog turned out to be a girl,about a year old.While the animal remains in the shelter,it constantly eats and sleeps a lot,regaining its strength and gradually leaving in the past the terrible events that happened to it.

We continue to encourage people to remain human in all situations.We are all born in the same country,we study in the same schools.I don’t know when we divide into those who continue to be human,appreciate people,nature and animals,and those whose hearts become callous and their actions are cruel.

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