For the past 12 hours, the elderly dog has been waiting for his owner at the station. People are astounded by his devotion.

Dog loyalty knows no bounds! Perhaps nothing in the world can compare with the power of the love of these pets for a person …

The whole world is watching with bated breath the story of a dog that is incredibly devoted to its owner. It’s hard to believe, but every day the pet accompanies its owner to the metro station and then waits for his return.

And this is no less than twelve hours!

Take a look at this wonderful dog. His name is Xiongxiong, which means “Bear” in Chinese. The pet is already fifteen years old.

Parting with the owner is simply unbearable for the Bear, so the dog accompanies him to the metro station, and then just waits for his loved one to return from work. The dog’s gaze is always directed in the direction where Cheng went.

The locals compare the devoted pet to Hachiko. But the dog really deserved it with his loyalty and love!

Bear loves its owner more than anything. Cheng is the meaning of his whole life! The dog is only happy when his owner is by his side!

The owner of the animal is happy that he has such a faithful dog … Cheng dreams of only one thing – let his dog’s heartbeat as long as possible!

Amazing dedication, don’t you agree?

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