Forester fed the wolf all winter: after 4 years the wolf returned and showed his family

A forester in Alaska noticed a wolf who had fallen into unpleasantness. The man did not spare food and fed the animals all winter, he returned after 4 years and showed his family.

The man came out of a dense forest and already on a snowy plain accidentally noticed a wolf. He was tired, hungry and silently looked at the person from the snow.

The forester did not hesitate for a minute. He went to the wolf, shared some food with him, and threw a woolen blanket from his bag on him.

Every day the forester kept on visiting the animal and feeding him.

By the spring, the wolf gained strength and left. The forester did not regret it. Sometimes he remembered his strange friend, but life went on as usual.

4 years have passed. The forester was examining his possessions when suddenly he heard the howling of wolves. From behind the trees, four appeared at once and the man was confused.

But then the very wolf he fed into the clearing followed. The animal did not forget the kindness and after so much time came to the person to show him his whole family.

Sharing what you have is the key of friendship and gratitude.

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