Former street dog gives her blanket to a stray dog out of kindness and generosity

The reality of life is that there are so many animals in need. Every day you can see stray dogs longing for your help. They live expecting that people will give them food, water and a place to live.

Of course, it’s so good to see how humans take care of stray dogs but seeing a dog looking after her own kind is something new. That’s what a woman from Brazil understood when she saw her dog giving its blanket to another dog.

Lana has begun her life as a stray dog. After she was rescued, a family adopted the pup and gave her a new life. Lana couldn’t ever dream of a warm house, food and caring humans.

Undoubtfully, she has never forgotten about her past and decided to help another dog in need.

On a freezy evening in 2017, the owners of Lana put a blanket on the dog house to keep her warm. But what they saw later, made these people think about kindness.

Lana took her blanket and gave it to a stray dog that was laying on the other side of the fence. This wonderful dog has never forgotten what it’s like sleeping on the cold ground.

This act of self-sacrifice made Lana’s owners think about generosity.

They decided to take the stray dog to a shelter and find a family for him. But every time the dog runs away when people try to approach him. Instead, Lana’s family put food and water for the poor dog, following their dog’s example.

Lana reminded these people about moral things. What a miraculous dog! Let everyone be encouraged by this story and become more kind day by day!

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