Friendship between a kitten and a lamb.

A three-colored cat and a little lamb found each other at a time when they really needed a soulmate!

When a cat named Dora appeared in Carla and her husband’s house,they didn’t know where she came from.The family decided to keep the kitten and did not regret:the baby gave joy to everyone who saw her!
When Carla had a daughter,the kitty became a four-legged nanny for her.And soon…a lamb appeared in the family!

There was no place for the baby on the farm,so the family decided to take the baby to their house.Guess who immediately fell in love with the baby with all her heart?Of course,kitty Dora!
As soon as the lamb(Charlie) got into the house,she immediately met him,and since then these two have become inseparable.They played together,ran around the house and even slept in a hug.

A few months later,Charlie grew up and could already live in the farm,but the pet continues to come to the house,where he is always happily welcomed by a cat.The cat also does not forget to visit its friend,and at the same time other animals living in the farm.
And yet she will always be with Charlie,with whom Dora has a surprisingly strong emotional connection!

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