German Shepherd and Golden Retriever’s conversation about helping their human is priceless

Max the German Shepherd and Murphy the Golden Retriever were bored. By the time their owner came into the house, they happily greeted him.

Suddenly Brian collapsed down in an apparent ”faint.” It made the dogs worry and look at each other for the hilarious conversation. The dogs really got confused for a moment not knowing how to react to the situation and what to do.

Murphy ran and climbed on the sofa to be nearer and give Max life-saving instructions. In his turn, Max seriously lays down on the arm of his owner. He kind of comforts Brian, hoping that the man would open his eyes.

He answers all the questions of Murphy, saying that their human has a normal body heat.

Then, to be convinced that Brian is still alive, Murphy lands on his owner’s stomach. The latter couldn’t keep it quiet and the painful experience made him stop the performance.

This footage immediately went viral, gaining people’s attention. It has made a day of thousands of people worldwide.

The reaction of the loyal dogs is priceless. They proved their love and dedication to Brian. Also, their hilarious conversation made their Instagram followers laugh, giving them a good day.

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