German Shepherd Sarge became a nanny for a fawn which miraculously escaped.

A German Shepherd named Sarge stands out with special kindness and solicitude, especially when it refers to those who are orphaned and in a helpless state, even if they are not puppies.

The owner of the dog, Sheryl Stephen, told how nine years ago she was brought by friends. This is the only thoroughbred dog that she had ever had. The rest were abandoned or orphaned.

Six years ago, the dog showed kindness and responsiveness when it saved the first deer. A friend of the owner found a deer on the road. As soon as the deer appeared in the house, it began to patronize and protect her.

Apart from dogs and deer, there are other animals on the farm. The woman has hens, roosters, pigeons, ponies, horses, but for some reason the dog likes the fawns most of all.

Pictures of the caring German Shepherd along with his “wards” scattered all over the network and Cheryl’s farm instantly became super popular.

And we never stop admiring the ability of animals to love, empathize and take care of those who are weaker, especially if they are in trouble.

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