Giant bear belly flops into swimming pool then turns back and smiles for the camera

Many people can’t imagine their lives without a pool during hot summer days. It becomes an essential thing to swim in those sunny, unbearable days. Our furry companion also loves swimming in the pool.

Once a grizzly bear decided to cool off by jumping into the water.

Let us introduce to you Bruiser – a rescued grizzly bear. He now lives in a shelter where the temperatures can easily hit up to 90F. This is why the fluffy creature loves flopping into the pool. He never hesitates to fulfill the ”desire” of his heart!

Though the story is a bit old, yet it never gets boring. This is the story of Bruiser who decided to cool off on a hot summer day.

Gladly, the welfare worker decided to take the camera and film this adorable scene.

In the video, you can also watch the bear’s epic smile. When the film was uploaded on the Internet, it didn’t take much to be spread.

Gladly, people’s reaction was positive and kind. And no matter the bear is a wild animal, it also needs to enjoy its life, especially when the latter is apart from nature.

There are no words to describe the cuteness of the bear, he is just too adorable. It’s a good reason for many of us to smile and get high mood during the whole day.

This bear is a real inspiration to us to go and swim!

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