Giant Labrador saves a tiny and weak kitten that seemed to be breathless

Of course, this scene is not for the faint of heart – a big dog carries a barely alive kitten in its mouth. However, as a result, the dog brings the kitty to his owner’s house. And they help the baby to gain strength.

The kitten is so tiny and weak that you may think it is not breathing. On the contrary, the Labrador carrying the baby is so healthy and huge that you can’t think of his big heart.

On the video attached below, you can clearly see how people feed the cat from a bottle and how cute he became when he was bathed, fed and warmed after regaining its energy.

A little time passed. The dog and the cat became friends. After that, they spend all the time together – eating and playing, bathing and hugging each other. This is probably the most beautiful sight, which simply cannot but please someone.

Who would have thought that a poor stray cat would find a friend and a rescuer in a formidable dog?

Although in books and movies, cats and dogs are very often portrayed as real enemies, in fact, their relationship is completely opposite, and this video is clear proof of this.

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