Giant turtle and calf that lost its paw became best friends.

That’s what the fate is:you never know what awaits you around the next corner.So a spur turtle named Leonardo stood at a crossroads of fate,not knowing what would happen after one of the zoos in Bangkok where he lived was closed.But fortune smiled at him and he found not only a new home,but also a new friend.

The turtle got to the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand(WFFT) animal rescue center back in 2013,to be fair,it should be noted that this organization gave more than one hundred animals a new life.It was from that time that Leonardo began to adapt to the new living conditions,but he could not even dream that it would be even better.

The fall of the calf into the institution was more dramatic:in February this year,the baby grazed with his mother,when in some incomprehensible way the poor animal managed to get into the vineyard.As a result,his paw was so damaged that doctors had no choice but to take and amputate part of it.After that,the guys from the WFFT took and made a prosthesis for the baby,which helped him fully get back on his feet.

The rescuers were going to identify the calf named Simon to other cows but only Simon had completely different plans in this regard.
Soon Simon met Leonardo,and immediately fell in love with him.»To our great surprise,Simon and Leonardo have formed a strong bond»,says WFFT.
«They can often be seen next to each other:they eat together and rest,»say the employees of the nursery.»We hope that this friendship will continue to develop.»

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