Ginger kitten has grown up and commands his cop dad what to do

Cody Garrett is a 28-year-old South Carolina police officer who rescued a tiny kitten named Skirt.

And if you still don’t know anything about this guy, then it’s time to do it, because his story has already gone viral not only in his homeland but also far beyond its borders!

Now the red-haired baby does not just live with the policeman – she has grown up and helps him fight crime. And it all started quite poetically!

Garrett was working the night shift when he came across a small kitten. He understood that he definitely could not leave the poor fellow here alone, which is why the policeman took him to his station.

Colleagues, just like Garrett himself, were not sure how best to proceed in such a situation.

Skirt isn’t the only pet Garrett has rescued. He found Toothless as a kitten during his shift, and since then the beauty has been living with the policeman.

Apparently, Cody’s animal rescue is something of a hobby. Once while on patrol, he rescued a group of beautiful puppies!

Skirt, meanwhile, settled very well in the house, which he already definitely considered his own. Police assistant is now always ready for service and defense (but not when he is playing!

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