Girl accidentally scattered dry food, she decided to capture the reaction of her cat

Lοndοn resident Kelly Cooper is a professional journalist. And she is also the owner of a beautiful short-haired cat of a British breed.

The pet’s nickname is Bertie. He is very beautiful, has a unique golden fur coat.

The character, acting qualities of this pass are worthy of the Oscar award. Kelly’s followers were able to verify this, and now you can see it too.

Kelly often shares with subscribers the details of her personal life – her and her pet. Once the girl scattered food, she was struck by the reaction of the animal.

She filmed everything on camera, posted it on the net. The snapshots quickly went viral.

The photo shows the whole spectrum of Bertie’s emotions – the amazement in which he stayed for the first seconds.

The cat stuck out his tongue and watched the feast spread across the floor. He seemed to be amazed at the extravagance and carelessness of the person.

Then the expression on the face changed to a passive accusatory one. He seemed to say – how much food was gone!

The video and the tweet immediately went viral on Twitter. About half a million people liked her tweet and thousands commented on it.

The cat got popularity especially among those people who have cats.

Some people commented that his acting is worthy to be praised and nominated in Oscar awards.

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