Girl adopted a kitten, after 30 years they are still together and adore each other

Michelle Foster from Exeter, Devon, England, found a tiny red and white kitten when she was almost 20 years old.

She named him Rubble, and since then, the fluffy handsome cat has become the most devoted companion of the girl.

It’s been more than 30 years and they are still together. Now Rubble is already a very old cat, beautiful, majestic and with a bright character.

“He went to his owner as a small kitten, right before her twentieth birthday in May 1988.

The elderly cat regularly visits the clinic to monitor his health. The human mother diligently maintains the beloved pet in the best physical shape.

At the age of 25, our hero had to remove the thyroid gland and treat his teeth a little, but otherwise, he was a very healthy, strong man.

“He somehow recovered with lightning speed, shortly after the operation we saw him rattling his bowl and impatiently demanding food. Not bad for a 25-year-old cat! ” adds the staff of the medical center.

A year later, the owner again took the cat to the veterinarian and 26-year-old Rubble once again passed the medical examination with brilliance. According to doctors, our hero loves to play and remains energetic despite the years.

Rubble probably is the oldest cat in England.

“We have prepared a surprise for Rubble. When he appeared on June 1 for a routine check-up, the staff greeted him with his favorite food and a balloon,” representatives of the medical center said.

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