Girl found newborn puppies in a box. She and her sister could not pass by their misfortune

2 months ago, returning from work, a girl heard a strange sound. A squeak came from the nearby bushes. The girl decided to approach. She saw a box containing five little pups that were born just a couple of days ago.

Newborn puppies were jostling and looking for their mother. But the mom was not there.

The girl turned for help from a friend who worked in a shelter. The girl assured that the next day the little creatures would be taken away for overexposure. Two sisters, Katya and Lena, worked at the orphanage.

The girls decided to take the babies to their place. But neither the next day nor the other day, no one came for the puppies. Katya and Lena kept them at home and began to take care of them.

The girls took turns feeding small puppies from a pipette, scratching their bellies and warming them with heating pads. A week later, the puppies could already perceive human speech and independently held the bottle containing the mixture.

The girls surrounded the pets with care and attention.

Katya and Lena watched the newborns with interest. Here the pups opened their eyes, then they learned to run and even growl. But they did not grow in any way, for a long time they remained the size of a palm.

But this did not prevent them from feeling like full-fledged owners of the house.

Now the “boys” are already 2.5 months old. And they feel completely grown up. Katya and Lena are trying to find a loving family for them.

To do this, they published several pictures with pets on social networks.

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