Girl took an unusual dog from a shelter, which is often confused with other animals

A girl named Dewan came to a shelter with a double request. She wanted to give someone a house and also do a good deed. Volunteers instantly found a suitable “candidate” for her – a Chinese crested dog that was bald.

Devan was assured that he was a wonderful dog, but his fur stopped growing due to stress. She was told to take good care of him – that should help. The pet was given a name – Ted.

Indeed, six months later, the wool began to grow back slowly, but only somehow strange. Dewan took a DNA test and was freaked out. Her pet turned out to be a real cocktail of breeds!

Ted was a Chihuahua with a touch of poodle, Shih Tzu and dozens of other breeds. The doggie turned out to be completely unique, and the look of his piercing and attentive eyes once again confirms this.

Whoever was mistaken for Ted during this time! It has been confused with a guinea pig, a giant rat, a raccoon, and even a possum. Ted is kind and doesn’t mind that.

Thankfully, he has the most loving and caring owner ever who doesn’t let Ted feel ignored anymore.

Thank you, Dewan!

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