Grandma breaks down in happy tears after being surprised with a new puppy

One of the devastating things for animals owners is when their pets pass away. Some people never adopt another pet, some of them find their comfort in new pets.

In this story, an elder woman was surprised by her children who decided to present her with a puppy.

The elder spouses lost their lovely pet a year ago. Their beloved dog passed away in an unexpected way, so they miss her.

Both the grannies were continuously asking for a new pup, and there you go.

Their children decided to surprise the woman and told her that someone returned her back the knitting stuff. She has no clue what were they talking about, so when the woman opened the box, she couldn’t keep her tears.

There was a tiny pup, calmly sitting in the box. The woman took her and cuddled the innocent little puppy.

Her wish came true!

As her granddaughter Alexandra Del Cima tells, there was no intention to bring a new pup but when she knew that her friend’s dog gave birth to a litter of dogs, she knew that it’s a perfect opportunity.

It was 9 week old Shih Tzu and Maltese mix that has become the happiness of the old couple.

We are glad that the pup found a forever home and the grandma found a new four-legged friend.

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