Greedy hedgehog vs stubborn cat: which one will emerge victorious is not clear

Hedgehogs are animals that do not alienate people. They can be found in parks and summer cottages, where these prickly, amusingly snoring mammals eat pests.

This little hedgehog got to the girl quite by accident.

On a walk, her dog, that had never met such creatures before, attacked the prickly creature but quickly lost interest in him and retreated. However, he managed to inflict injuries on the baby.

Taking pity on the hedgehog, the girl decided to take him home.

Over time, the prickly pet came to his senses. In honor of the happy recovery, the girl decided to treat her ward with milk. Before the hedgehog had time to have a proper meal, the cat Masyanka appeared in the room.

The tailed one was also not averse to eating milk, and he decided to take part in the feast. But the hedgehog did not like the appearance of the competitor. Trying to be delicate, he demonstrated to the cat that he did not need companions.

The little greedy just got into the bowl of milk and deprived the cat of the opportunity to approach the coveted treat! Masyanka was at first confused, then extremely offended and left, and the hedgehog continued to feast.

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