Guard crossed strong river currents to save a trapped puppy

Helping animals in danger is a duty of all people. As they are defenseless beings, they often need an extra hand that only humans can provide. A guard from the Telangana State Police in India, named Mujeeb, demonstrated that protecting the life of any living being is essential to him. Both as a man and as an officer of the institution to which he belongs.

The man has become famous thanks to a video shared on the Twitter social network, in which he is seen rescuing a puppy from being trapped in a river with a strong current, and also from drowning.

The video was shared by officer Dipanshu Kabra on the social network, with a text that highlighted the good deed of this great hero. Seeing the dog trapped in the raging waves, local guard Mujeeb from @TelanganaCOPs immediately called the JCB machine and himself descended into the waves to save it. A warm greeting to the spirit of him », he wrote in the publication.

Dipanshu saw the importance of sacrificing for others in Mujeeb’s courageous act, including animals. “No one hesitates to take any risk in the service of humanity,” he added in the tweet. In the video you can see the man submerged in the water despite the current sources. Holding on to the machinery that he was next to him to take care of himself and get the puppy out of the corner where he was trapped in a corner of the river bank.

At the same time, shouts of support for Mujeeb could be heard, who, very focused, approached the dog until he reached it. The guard made an effort to get the puppy out of the area full of branches, who looked very scared by the situation. But he finally allowed himself to be carried by the man.

Mujeeb hugged the puppy so that it would not be dragged by the current, and take it to where the machinery was located. The animal leaned on the man’s shoulders as he loaded it, and when he felt more confident he placed it on top of the backhoe bucket. The guard also sat on top of the machinery to get out of the water together and return to the mainland.

The video has had more than 8,000 views and user comments on the social network. Where everyone congratulates Mujeeb for his great sense of humanity and love for animals.

Below you can see the video where this man is seen rescuing the puppy that was in trouble in the river:

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