Guy gave his t-shirt to the freezing dog laying on the metro station

Every day you can choose to be kind and caring. It’s an opportunity given to us to do good things around especially to animals that are weaker than us.

In this story, one boy decided to change the world a bit, and this is how people got surprised by his action.

One day, a guy named Fernando Gabriel from Sao Paulo was walking through the metro station with his brother Felipe and suddenly saw a stray dog.

The latter was lying right on the floor of the subway platform and it was clearly visible that he was freezing from cold. In front of brother Gabriel, Felipe took off his sweater and then his T-shirt. After that, the guy put his sweatshirt back on and put the T-shirt on the dog.

After some time, Gabriel reported that everything happened very quickly, so at first, he did not understand at all what his brother was doing. Many passers-by did not understand the essence.

However, when the eyewitnesses realized why the young guy was undressing, they began to shoot this amazing picture on cameras.

We need more Fernandos on our planet who are not living only for themselves but are still able to help those in need. Thank you, kind boy!

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